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Monday, April 22, 2019
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12/28/2014 02:37:17
Just became a fan!
I've been watching Jordan Bridges movies all day. My favorite is Holiday Engagement. He's really a good actor.

11/12/2014 06:37:17
mya adams
i am like in luv with rizzolili and isles and wish you guys would do a tour and sign mercedise and stuff like that and then go to kirtland if you decide to do that.

10/25/2014 02:18:14
I am 66 years old but that don't mean I can't like a handsome man when I see one. I have been a fan of your fathers for years. He too is a handsome man. The Bridges Men are all handsome. You play a perfect part on Rizzolie & Isles. Will you ever star in your own movie.? Hope so. Love hugs and kisses.
Midge Bowman.

08/04/2014 07:14:31
Jane przybylak
I am a huge fan of your work. You bring depth and humor to your roles. I really enjoy and hope to see more of Frankie Rizzoli. I loved the Conviction series, two very different characters, but you really captured the heart of them both. Best of luck, keep the enjoyment coming!

07/30/2014 12:38:45
You are super on "Rizzoli &Isles"

06/25/2014 11:21:15
I'm Jade, I'm a 17 year old girl from Michigan who is passionate about people and Youtube. I would like to charity work and would like to collab with you. I would like to also start my own foundation called A Teenage Difference. It would support creative teens help their communities and share their ideas. I really do hope you consider working with me.

Thanks, JAS

05/05/2014 07:20:24
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04/20/2014 06:22:39
Hello from a first time visitor
Hi Jordan,

This is a very nice website. Will you be making a guest appearance alongside your uncle at LebowskiFest LA? It will be nice to see you there and hear you play.

Rachel Foxx (Rachel Foxx Films)

02/15/2014 06:40:05
Acting Appearances
My wife and I couldn't remember where we'd seen you but knew you looked familiar in "Love Finds a Home." We checked your filmography and realized you also play Rizzoli's brother in "Rizzoli's and Isles." We enjoy your work but did not realize Beau Bridges was your father. He must be quite proud of your acting abilities. You are quite good. We'll continue enjoying your work.

12/10/2013 10:19:52
~ Helló Mr. Jordan Bridges,
~I just want tó say you are a great talented and passionate Actor. Yóu showed true talen. I just watched you course in the Holiday Engagement movie with Bonnie Somerville and Shelly Long, Sam McMurrary and other awesome actors and actresses I just want to tell you thank you for putting your heart into your part.
I look forward to see you even more there shows in your parts in. (~_~)©

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